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Criminal Defense

Uncovering and analyzing evidence  to help attorneys build a strong defense. 

Post-Conviction Investigations

 Serving people who have been wrongfully convicted by discovering new facts and reexamining information from the original case to help attorneys and individuals as they prepare for an appeal. Such investigations include, but are not limited to, re-interviewing witnesses, interviewing police officers at the scene of the crime and uncovering new evidence using other techniques. 

Child Custody


Determining the child’s current living situation, including possible abuse or neglect.  Looking for the best results for the children".

Domestic Matters

This includes suspicion of infidelity, locating hidden assets prior to a divorce or child support proceeding, determining whether a teen is in trouble, and more.

Missing Persons

 Locating someone gone a few days or tracking down a relative or friend you haven’t seen for decades.

Witness Location

Tracking down key witnesses for whom contact information is lacking or who are purposely hiding.

Insurance Fraud & Workers' Compensation Fraud

Determining whether an individual is telling the truth or trying to unlawfully receive money or services.

Inmate Services

Locating, retrieving and fling legal documents for inmates.

Serving Court Papers

Nationwide document service required by law to inform a person that you are requesting them to appear in court on  a specific date and the reason for the trial.

About Us

C.I.Investigations is a full service licensed / insured Investigative Agency

We provide a variety of investigative services for the general public, corporations, and the legal profession. Whether conducting a limited inquiry or an extended complex investigation, we are here to help you ! 


 C. I. Investigations specializes in difficult cases. Not all private investigators are the same. Experience and expertise sets us apart form other private investigators. Our investigative team will obtain and present results in a manner that can be used in legal/court proceedings.  

Our Guarantee

Professional and discrete investigations with respect for your privacy.  C.I. Investigations offers a wide range of dedicated and confidential investigative services both to individuals and corporations. 

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